EV drivers can now find charging points via voice-activated commands

Zap-Map, the electric vehicle (EV) charging digital platform, has launched a free voice-activated function on Google Assistant, allowing users to search for EV charge points using voice commands.

Available on Android and iOS mobile devices, Google Home and in-car using the latest version of Android Auto, Zap-Map responds to customers’ commands such as ‘find a charger nearby’.

Drivers can quickly access a comprehensive database of over 95 per cent of all public charge point to find charge points on route to a destination, or even filter by rapid or non-rapid devices.

The information provided on charging locations includes the network operator, driving distance and status updates, as well as whether a charger is out of order or currently in use.

Ben Lane, co-founder of Zap-Map, said: “The launch of voice integration on Zap-Map is a huge step towards our mission to accelerate the shift from fossil fuel to electric cars.

“We are providing a quick and simple way for EV drivers to find out information on charge points at home, on the move and, for the first time ever, hands-free when they most need it – while driving.”

The new product is set to capitalise on rapidly shifting consumer behaviour as electrification and digitisation begin to dominate.

The number of EVs on British roads is predicted to hit 35 million by 2050, while the number of virtual digital assistant devices, such as Google Assistant, is due to surpass the world population by 2021.

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