First ‘pop-up’ electric car charging points installed in UK

Oxford Council has installed the UK’s first ‘pop-up’ electric car charge points which rise from inside the pavement.

Six of charging infrastructure supplier Urban Electric’s ‘UEone’ on-street vehicle charging points have been put in place on the north eastern end of Lonsdale Road in North Oxford. They offer fast charging up to 7kW.

It’s the first residential trial of the chargers, which sit flush into the pavement when not in use, but can rise out of the ground when summoned by someone using a smartphone app.

The app also gives users the ability to see where the ‘clusters’ of charging points are located and if someone is currently using it or if it’s not operational.

In addition, the units will attempt to charge vehicles during the cheapest periods – in particular when a car is plugged in overnight. Plus, as they fold into themselves, Urban Electric claims deep holes aren’t required to install them.

Councillor Tom Hayes, a cabinet member for Zero Carbon Oxford, said: “This is an exciting trial which will allow us to explore new electric vehicle charging options for residents.

“Everything we do to tackle emissions has to be practical if it’s going to work.”

A further 18 pop-up charging points are set to be fitted in Plymouth and Dundee, Urban Electric has announced. The full production version is planned to be available in late 2020.

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