Surge Protective Devices Now Available

In accordance with the new amendment to the electrical regulations (BS7671), Energise Energy Solutions now offer Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) on all EV Charge point installations as an optional extra.

What is a Surge Protective Device?

SPDs are used to protect electrical installations from dangerous overvoltages that could damage electrical equipment connected to the installation such as Computers, Televisions and your EV.

What Causes a Surge?

External power surges are most commonly caused by transient overvoltages. These could be caused by a nearby lightning strike, power surges from local industrial estates or general voltage issues from your electricity distributor.

What Can Happen if I Don’t Have an SPD?

Anything in your home containing sensitive electrical components can be vulnerable, these are found in hundreds of consumer items including your EV and EV Charge point.

Should a surge effect your home and you aren’t protected by an SPD, electronic device’s and circuits could be damaged over time or immediately depending on the severity of the voltage spike.

Do I Need to Worry About This?

Large surges that would cause instant damage are extremely rare, however lower level surges can happen multiple times a day which in the long run will lead to internal circuitry degrading until it fails.

How Much Will it Cost Me?

Our set price for an SPD is currently £70 for Domestic Installs.

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