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We are a team of solar PV technicians, designers and product developers who fully understand the green energy sector.

We clearly explain the benefits and potential return involved in installing solar PV panels to generate renewable energy. We get to know you, your business, and your energy goals to design the best solar PV installation for your needs.

We manage the project from the initial conversations through to the post-installation aftercare to ensure that the project has been completed to your satisfaction and that you are benefiting in the way you had envisaged. With one point of contact at EES you will never be sent from pillar to post once work begins.

Solar PV maintenance is critical to achieving consistency of output on your solar installation. At EES we have Solar PV maintenance packages tailored to suit your requirements.

We can help and install your Solar PV system

When it comes to choosing the right solar PV system for your business, it often comes down to size.

Solar PV systems come in a range of sizes from just a couple of panels to a system that covers an entire roof. The choice of your PV system will be influenced by the amount of energy you use and therefore need, and how much space you have on the outside of your building to house the PV system.

While most commercial solar PV systems don’t require specific planning permission, if you decide upon a ground mounted solar energy system for your large commercial property, you will need planning approval.

Return on investment from your Solar PV system

By generating your own energy with a solar PV roof, even on the most challenging UK weather days, you reduce the energy costs of your business. Despite misconceptions to the contrary, the sun doesn’t need to be shining for you to generate your own energy!

According to the Renewable Energy Hub, medium to large businesses that use a 20kW solar PV system can expect savings of around £2000 a year.

Installation costs aren’t as high as they once were. Many commercial solar PV systems continue to offer a break even point after only 4 years and with the current energy crisis total ROI can far outstrip any other form of capital investment.

We are expert solar PV installers for UK businesses

We are respected, time-served solar PV installers. For a conversation about the installation of a solar PV system for your UK business, contact Energise Energy Solutions via our online form.

We plan, design and deliver commercial Solar PV solutions with a ‘Blue Sky’ report

Allow us to map your entire property portfolio and it’s potential to produce Solar PV energy.

In a cost effective and step by step process, we will review an entire property portfolio and present your roof top generation capability ranked from best to worse, your very own “Blue Sky” report. With this information in your hands you are on the first step to planning your possible independence from grid fed energy supplies. These valuable energy assets also represent an attractive environmental opportunity, with the ability to directly affect the carbon footprint of any operation.

This “Blue Sky” report highlights your best performing sites and their potentially high yield, however a location can be compromised due to any of the following common problems.

  • DNO (District Network Operator) and the lack of connection capacity.
  • Roof Structure, and its ability to carry extra Load.
  • Planning, do you require planning permission?

Each of these considerations have the potential to delay or even abandon a project before it starts.

Solar PV Case Studies

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