Frequently Asked Questions

See below for some of the most common questions you may be looking for the answer to.

Standard Installation

  • Up to 15m of cable between your meter/fuse box and charger
  • No groundworks
  • Fixing of charger to a wall or suitable permanent structure of a height between 750mm and 1200mm
  • Connecting to your electrical supply (electricity meter or fuse box)
  • Installation of protective devices suitable for the installation and EV charger such as RCBO and PEN fault devices as required by BS7671
  • Associated electrical testing and handover
  • Demonstration of charger functions
  • 2mm Data Cable

Non-Standard Installation

  • Over 15m of cable between your meter/fuse box and charger
  • Groundworks
  • Installing a free-standing mount if there is no wall option available 
  • Installation of additional earth electrodes if required
  • Extra works to make your existing electrical system safe (Such as Earth Bonding to Water or Gas, or upgrading existing fuse board components such as RCDs to those suitable for EV chargers, and the associated testing)
  • Concealing more than 3 meters of internal cabling in plastic trunking
  • Running cable underground or at height beyond the safe access of a step ladder, or within voids

There may be instances where the electrical network will need to be contacted to authorise the connection of the charger to their system

Any electrical network issues or supply equipment issues we can provide guidance on, but the works to upgrade or repair such items is not covered in our quotation

*Standard cable in 6mm Hi-Tuff or 6mm Twin and earth style cabling. Steel wired armoured (SWA) cable is an additional cost if over 15m

It depends on a few things – primarily your EV, your charger and the rate at which you are charging. All Energise installed chargers charge at roughly 7kW, for one of these it will take;

6 Hours for a Nissan Leaf (168 Miles Range)

8 Hours for a Tesla Model 3 (278 Miles Range)

8 Hours Volkswagen ID 3 (217 Miles Range)

UK government OZEV regulations only allow the sale of ‘Smart’ EV Chargers within the UK. This means all chargers sold must have the ability to;

  • The ability to send and receive information
  • Ability to respond to signals to change the rate or time that electricity can flow through the charger
  • Electricity supplier interoperability, allowing smart functions to be retained even if the user switches supplier
  • safety provisions, preventing the user carrying out an operation which could risk the health or safety of a person
  • Allow for a randomised delay function, allowing electric companies to delay charging by 10 – 30 minutes to help electricity demand
  • Pre-set off peak default charging hours which can be changed by the user upon first use

Tethered Chargers

Type 1

  • Designed for North American and Japanese 120 V / 240 V single phase electrical systems
  • A manual locking mechanism is a common feature, and may be used alongside a padlock for extra security
  • Very uncommon on vehicles sold in the UK
  • Able to use ‘fast’ charge speed mode 3 charging

Type 2

  • Designed for UK and EU single phase or three-phase charging
  • 7 pinned and lock automatically when charging
  • Most vehicles in the UK feature this socket, one exception is the Mitsubishi Outlander
  • Able to use ‘fast’ charge speed mode 3 charging as well as three-phase up to 22kW

Untethered Chargers

An untethered charger is just a socket and comes with no cable permanently attached. You will have to purchase your own charging cable, meaning the charger is compatible with any EV.

These come in both Type 1 and Type 2 connections.

Both Zappi and Wallbox Pulsar Max can charge your EV directly from energy created from your Solar Panels.

For Commercial EV Installs we have the capacity to operate nationwide, for domestic EV we are currently able to install in the majority of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Midlands and South East. To check whether we serve your area, simply enter your postcode on your chosen chargers product page here.

For all neighbouring areas, please get in touch via live chat or email and we may still be able to carry out your install.

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