Do you need a Home EV Charger?

Before we dive into the specifics of home EV charging, lets understand what a home EV charger actually is. 

A home EV charger is a term that refers to a dedicated home EV Charging station.

Home EV chargers can vary in functionality, shape, sizes, and technology however they all require professional installation and are connected to your homes meter box that allows them to deliver much higher power via a regular home outlet can.

Standard Outlet Charging

Standard outlet charging is recharging your Electric vehicle via the cable that comes with the EV at the time of purchasing. This method requires inserting the cable into a standard outlet and connecting your vehicle to the grid. 

However, it is important to acknowledge several limitations associated with this approach. Let us explore these limitations together.

One notable limitation is the inability to use standard outlet charging on a daily basis. A big inconvenience for individuals who rely on their vehicles daily and require a consistent charge. 

But why is it unsuitable for daily use?

A standard outlet offers no specific protection against overloading your homes electric circuit. Which is risky due to the outlet may not having the capacity to withstand the high electrical loads required for charging an electric vehicle.

Moreover, the use of extension cords to reach your EV escalates the risk. Many extension cords are not designed to carry the power levels necessary for EV charging and can also pose a fire hazard!

This is in fact a common problem within the EV charging industry, as nearly 3 out of 4 EV drivers in the UK admitted to using domestic multi-socket extension leads, not suitable for outdoor use, to charge their EV’s at home.

While an extension cord may appear more cost effective and a convenient option for some, the potential dangers of electricity should never be underestimated.

In addition to the limitations, standard outlet charging can result in significantly prolonged charging times.

Typically requiring approximately 24 hours to charge a midsize EV equipped with a 50 kW battery to 80% battery. Posing a considerable inconvenience for individuals who require a substantial overnight charge.

What are the benefits of a home EV charger?

The three main benefits to a home EV charger are;

  • Increased Charging speeds
  • Better safety
  • More flexibility

Increased Charging Speeds

A home EV charger can deliver much greater power to an EV, translating to much faster charging.

This is as it has a dedicated connection to a meter box.

This will be at least 3 times faster than charging via a regular outlet! Giving you ease when overnight charging.

Better Safety

EV charging is a high-energy intensive activity. It can quickly put too much strain on your homes electrical circuit and cause a power overload if not managed properly

Making safety is an important benefit. 

Home EV chargers limitates this by having a dedicated connection from your meter box. This means it can safely draw higher loads without tripping your breakers or overwhelming your circuit.

Also, home EV chargers are designed to operate outdoors, withstanding natures elements without posing any hazards.

Increased Flexibility

Lastly, a home EV charger unlocks a greater flexibility for EV users. 

All Energise’s home EV chargers offer built in connectivity. This means drivers can manage and control their charging sessions remotely – all offering a smartphone app to do so.

Having an app will also gain users insights into their charging such as energy use and charging costs!

Our Home EV Chargers

We offer a range of tethered and untethered EV home chargers, boasting with a range of special features. 

See below our range:

Ohme Home Pro – Tethered

The home EV charger from Ohme features an interactive LCD screen, displays live charge data and gives you the option to control your charging from the charger itself.

Read more here.

Ohme ePod – Untethered

The all-new Ohme ePod is suitable for all types of electric vehicles featuring Ohme’s class leading smart charging technology. Its compact design makes it an ideal charger for all homes.

Read more here.

Zappi V2.1 – Available tethered and untethered

Zappi V2.1 is an EV charger with a difference as it allows you to select the power supply to come directly from your Solar RV or Wind Generation, allowing your EV to be even greener. If you don’t own solar panels then the Zappi will use power from the grid instead just like any other EV charger.

Read more here.

Easee One – Untethered

Easee One is one of the sleekest and most versatile EV chargers on the market. Using smart technology, the charger can detect exactly what power your vehicle requires, and the compact design allows your charger to remain discreet wherever you wish to install it.

Read more here.

Interested In Purchasing a Home EV Charger?

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Alternatively, if you want to browse all our home EV chargers for yourself, click here 

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