Ohme Home Pro – Tethered

From £975.00

Installation included – Ohme smart tech helps you charge at the cheapest and greenest times, so you can save money whilst doing your bit for the environment

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Introducing the Ohme Home Pro Tethered, Your EV’s New Best Friend!

The latest home EV charger from Ohme features an interactive LCD screen, displays live charge data and gives you the option to control your charging from the charger itself.

  • In-built PEN fault device, saving time, money and resources on every install
  • Backplate included for easy installation
  • In-built load management set through unit itself
  • Compact and discreet
  • OZEV WCS approved
  • 3 – year warranty
  • Charging controlled via mobile app or interactive screen
  • Load balancing clamp, wagos, and lightning junction box included
  • Solar Compatible – Ohme Home Pro can connect directly to your Solar PV for 100% green energy charging.

You Could Save Over £1000 Per Year Smart Charging With Ohme.

Ohme Home Pro offers an EV Smart charging solution for your home that protects your car, your purse, and our planet. We provide some reasons why home charging will benefit you:

  • Smart – Ohme Home Pro Tethered intelligent tech integrates with your energy tariff so you can charge at the cheapest times.
  • Reliable – Ohme enables you to take control of your charging and feel confident that your car will be ready to go when you are.
  • Easy – Ongoing technical support to talk you through every step

Introducing 0% Finance

Ohme Home Pro Tethered is available on 0% finance with Novuna, giving you flexibility to pay for your EV Charger in a way that suits you.

Additional information



Power Rating

Up to 7kW

Connection Type


Cable Length

5m, 8m

Surge Protection

Yes, No

Connection Type

Type 2

Key Features

Charge, Warranty, Dimensions (1)


The Ohme Home Pro will charge all mainstream electric vehicles that use Type 2 connectors.

The Ohme app connects into vehicle manufacturer API/telematics services to obtain information from the vehicle where these are available. API integrations include Tesla, Nissan, BMW, Jaguar and Renault. Contact the helpdesk before purchase to check if we currently support or are developing the interface to your specific vehicle.

The Ohme Home Pro has a dynamic load balancing feature. A current sensor (CT) clamp is provided to measure the electrical demand of the property, or sub-board. The unit will limit the maximum current available to the vehicle to keep the household demand below the set threshold/fuse value.

Ohme Chargers use a 4G data connection. They are pre-configured in the factory to talk directly to the Ohme backend server.

Signal coverage in the UK is generally very good but it is important to ensure the customer is aware that the unit relies on a mobile phone connection for the smart features. Where it is known to be unreliable the customer should be made aware that the smart features of the Ohme unit will also be unreliable.

Octopus Energy allows Ohme Home Pro owners to sync their charger with one of their two specialist EV Tariffs:

Intelligent Octopus – All your smart charging at super low rates + 6 hours of guaranteed cheap, green energy every night. Works with selected cars OR any car with an Ohme charger.

Octopus Go – 4 hours of guaranteed cheap, green energy every night. Works with all EVs and home chargers.

If you are already signed up to Octopus Energy and have a smart meter, all you need to do is download the Octopus Energy app and register your car or charger.

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Untethered Option

Tethered Option

Smartphone Control

Password Protection

Wi-fi Connectvity

4G Connectivity

Charge Scheduling

Solar Compatibilty

Wind Compatibility

Load Management

Built-in PEN Protection

Standard Installation Price

From £995

From £995

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From £995

From £1,125

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