Weekly EV Round-Up July 29th

Ford Trails ‘Hands-Free’ EV Charging

This week Ford have developed a prototype robot that drivers can operate from inside their EV in a bid to make EV’s more accessible to disabled people.

If rolled out, drivers would simply pull up to the charger, press a button on their app and the robot arm would extend and using a camera would insert itself into the inlet. Future plans expect to see these installed in both disabled parking bays and people’s homes.

The design follows research showing that 61% of disabled people would consider driving an EV if they were made more accessible, indicating work needs to be done to assist these people.

Motion to Remove VAT on Public EV Chargepoints Signed by 24 MPs

24 MPs from a range of parties have so far signed the motion to cut the VAT rate on public EV charging.

The house notes that there is a 15% discrepancy between the rate on off-street EV charging (5%) and public charging (20%). As 60% of the UK don’t have access to off street parking the move seeks to create a fairer system for all.

Currently, MPs from Labour, Liberal Democrats, DUP, Plaid Cymru and SNP have pledged their support and that number is growing weekly. Jeremy Corbyn was the latest MP to sign the motion.

TVR to Relaunch in 2024

Legendary British Sports car maker TVR will relaunch in 2024 with the Griffin EV scheduled just 6 months later.

Not many details have been shared yet however a top speed of over 200mph, a 0-60 time of under 4 seconds and a £150,000 price tag have all been touted.

The Tuscan producer also has plans to release a fully-electric saloon and SUV however the timeframe for this is unclear.

Ford Trials ‘Hands Free’ EV Charging

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