Introducing Octopus Electric vehicle Salary Sacrifice Scheme to Energise Employees

Introducing Our New EV Salary Sacrifice Scheme

We’re excited to announce a fantastic collaboration with Octopus Electric Vehicles, bringing a fresh perk to our employee benefits package: the EV Salary Sacrifice scheme.

How It Works

This scheme lets our team members drive home brand-new electric vehicles at much lower costs while also enjoying tax savings. Here’s how it works: Energise leases the cars from Octopus Energy and offers them to our employees as a perk. Instead of buying the car outright, employees pay for it with a portion of their salary before tax. This means they save money on both National Insurance and income tax, with potential savings of up to 40% on the total EV costs.

What’s Included

But that’s not all – along with their new EV, our employees get a whole package of perks. This includes a free home charger with standard installation, and they can get up to 4000 miles of free EV charging if they choose an eligible Octopus Energy tariff. Plus, they’ll have fully comprehensive insurance, coverage for routine servicing and maintenance repairs, and breakdown recovery services with AA.

Benefits for Employees

By using the salary sacrifice scheme, our employees see significant savings on their tax and personal benefits. Instead of paying for their car out of their post-tax salary, the payments come straight out of their pre-tax earnings. This reduces their monthly salary, which in turn lowers their income tax and National Insurance payments. It’s a win-win situation!

Benefits for the Business

Not only does this scheme allow us to provide fantastic benefits to our employees, but it also helps us meet our sustainability goals as a business. By encouraging our team to switch to electric vehicles, we’re making a positive impact on the environment while rewarding our employees at the same time

Meet John Sales: Enjoying His New EV

Here’s a photo of our Operations Manager, John Sale, new Tesla Model Y, courtesy of our salary sacrifice scheme. John is thrilled with his new electric ride and has already discovered some of its impressive features – like a mesmerising light show! We’re excited for John and wish him many happy miles in his new EV.

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