Easee One Home EV Charging

Why Choose the Easee One?

Easee One is intelligent and adapts to all electric vehicles, power supplies and mains. With our home charging solution there is no need to think about technical specifications – the easee one will automatically detect what power the vehicle requires.

Built to comply with UK regulations, the Easee One comes with both integrated RCD protection (AC 30mA / DC 6mA) and open PEN conductor protection.

Benefits of having a home EV charging point

The Easee App

The Easee App gives you full control over your charger. Use it to schedule charges when electricity is at it’s cheapest, adjust charging power, manage who can access your charger and much more!

Pick your colour

With a choice of five different colours, it couldn’t be easier to personalise your Easee charger!


Easee One can withstand all types of weather conditions and needs no extra protection from the sun, snow, wind or rain. With IP54 certification, 11 sensors and intelligent temperature measurement, the charger will always keep you and your charger safe.

Faster charging


With Easee One, you can charge up to 3x faster than with a regular outlet. It charges as quickly as possible with the available capacity and provides you with the highest charging power.


2 in 1

Choose whether you want your charger to be tethered or untethered by locking the cable using the Easee App.



Easee One charges on single phase power and supports charging up to 7kW. It has a type 2 universal connector.

Always Updating


The Easee One automatically updates with new software updates as soon as they are released. This way you know you have bought a safe and future proof product.

FAQ: Home EV Charging

1. Why should I get a home charger for my electric car?

Using a smart home charger is safer and faster than charging from an electrical outlet. The Easee One also allows you to monitor and optimise your energy consumption, so you stay in control.


2. How long does it take to charge the car?

With Easee One you can charge up to three times faster than in a standard electrical outlet. It utilises all the power capacity you have available, and guarantees you the highest charging power.


3. Will the Easee One work with my electric car?

Yes. The Easee One is designed to be compatible with all types of electric car and automatically adjusts to the power available in your home.


4. How much does it cost to charge the car?

It’s difficult to answer, since the price of electricity varies hour to hour. However the Easee One is packed with technology that will allow you to set schedules and charge when the electricity is the cheapest.


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