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The below assumptions have been considered in the calculation of this budget quotation:
Groundworks - Any groundworks inclusion is based on the most direct route to charge point locations.
Working conditions - All work is at ground level with no access/lifting equipment required.
Access - There is clear access to complete all cable runs and associated works via the most direct routes.
Maximum Demand - It is assumed that there is sufficient electrical supply capacity available (Any additional switchgear will be chargeable)
Cabling – Specified at 6mm and installed by x1 Electrical Engineer
Earthing – There is no inclusion of a PEN protection device (If required same applies as additional switchgear)
Working hours - All work is completed within normal working hours
Bay Marking - We offer a Bay Marking service at an additional cost
Charge Point Protection - Wheels stops and/or Bollards can be provided and installed at an additional cost
Charge Point Management - There is no inclusion of any support packages, this can be selected when placing an order, charges vary.
Travel and overnight expenses - If required these will be at an additional cost.
All values within this quote are based on the data you have input above along with these assumptions, therefore the final value maybe subject to change.

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