WCS Grant Changes from OZEV in 2022

In October 2021, Energise Energy Solutions reported on the various incentives set by The Government to stimulate the new EV market.  These incentives included changes to the funding criteria announced on World EV Day from Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) and Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) which outlined new plans to how more businesses can unlock funding.

On Wednesday 22 December, the OZEV grants team, issued the latest estimated dates of implementation outlined below. 

The new dates signify when landlords, housing providers, small accommodation businesses such as B&Bs, campsites, as well as commercially let properties for staff or fleet use of current or future business tenants will be able to apply for more or new funding.

  • Residential landlords and management companies (including freeholders or factors of multi-unit properties) – estimated launch date: mid-March 2022
  • Commercial landlords – estimated launch date: mid-March 2022
  • Charities and small accommodation businesses, will be delivered through the existing WCS portal – estimated launch date: late February 2022
  • Residential carparks – estimated launch date: mid-April 2022
  • SME staff/fleet carparks – estimated launch date: mid-April 2022
  • Renters and people living in flats – estimated launch date: March 2022

Get EV ready with Energise Energy Solutions

At Energise Energy Solutions we provide a range of charging solutions, including standard 3 phase, fast and rapid, as well as end to end workplace solutions for SME’s, Fleet, public and large-scale, nationwide projects.

We can also help you to unlock funding towards commercial electric vehicle charge points with up to £14,000 OZEV funding towards your installation.

Online Commercial Calculator Tool 

Use our free, easy to use online Commercial Calculator Tool to tell us about your business and get an instant estimated quote.  Our quote prices include the cost of hardware and installation with and without the OZEV WCS grant,  so you can start planning your future EV Commercial project today, ahead of the changes in spring!

Simply tell us a few details about your EV project and we will do the sums for you!

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