EV Charger Regulations Change This Summer

Law changes come into effect at the end of next month to require all home and workplace chargers to have smart charging capabilities within England, Scotland and Wales.

The changes have been brought in to help electric companies deal the rise in demand for electricity at peak times following the growth in the UK EV market.

What does my charger need?

  • The ability to send and receive information
  • Ability to respond to signals to change the rate or time that electricity can flow through the charger
  • Electricity supplier interoperability, allowing smart functions to be retained even if the user switches supplier
  • safety provisions, preventing the user carrying out an operation which could risk the health or safety of a person
  • Allow for a randomised delay function, allowing electric companies to delay charging by 10 – 30 minutes to help electricity demand
  • Pre-set off peak default charging hours which can be changed by the user upon first use

What don’t the regulations cover?

  • Chargers sold before 30th June 2022
  • Second-hand sales between private individuals
  • Rapid Charge Points
  • Chargepoints intended for public use
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