What is AC and DC Charging?

AC & DC are often used to describe two ‘types’ of charging supply.

AC – Alternating Current / power
DC – Direct Current/ Power

The reasons why these are terms are important in the world of EV is that AC & DC power types depend on how fast or slow the charger can charge the vehicle’s battery.

AC charging is widely used for home charging. The AC power supply is converted to DC inside the cars own converter. This process means the car takes a little longer to charge but can also be the simplest and least complicated way of charging your vehicle. 

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DC Charging is used for fast and rapid charging of electric vehicles and are mostly found along motorways, rather than at home or business locations. The converter is inside the charger itself – bypassing the cars own converter. As a result of this, DC chargers are usually larger and more expensive as they require higher installation costs and use more power. 

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