Top ten electric cars that go the distance

While electric cars are becoming more popular with UK drivers, to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions some motorists are put off by fears the battery will run flat when behind the wheel.

A recent breakdown by AutoExpress has revealed the top ten electric cars on the market that will last the distance.

The investigation found the Tesla Model S as the electric motor that can go the furthest without needing a recharge, with the vehicle boasting a range of 379 miles.

The driverless motor features a 100kWh battery that allows it to go from 0 to 60mph in just 3.7 seconds. But it doesn’t come cheap with a price tag of £73,505.

The electric cars with the longest range:

Tesla Model S – 379 miles

Tesla Model 3 – 348 miles

Tesla Model X – 314 miles

Jaguar I-PACE – 292 miles

Kia e-Niro – 282 miles

Kia Soul EV – 280 miles

Hyundai Kona Electric – 279 miles

Mercedes EQC – 259 miles

Audi e-tron – 248 miles

Renault Zoe – 245 miles

The American car maker has some of the most efficient electric motors on the road, with the Tesla Model 3 and Model X boasting impressive ranges of 348 miles and 314 miles respectively.

The Jaguar I-PACE has a range of 292 miles, and the battery can be completely charged in just 85 minutes using 50kW chargers installed across the UK.

The Kia e-Niro is a well-equipped SUV that can travel 282 miles on a full battery, while its roomy interior is ideal for families hitting the road over the holidays.

It might not go as far as other electric models, but the Renault Zoe has an affordable £22,000 price tag, and can hit 245 miles without needing to be plugged in.

The distance an electric motor can cover will depend largely on the make of vehicle and how you drive it.

Like petrol and diesel engines, you can extend the distance your electric car can travel by watching your speed, using your heating sparingly and avoid harsh braking.

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