Rapid Charger Project Underway


Rapid Charger project underway with EQUANS EV Solutions in partnership with Whitbread PLC

Last month saw the start of our commercial rapid charger installation for EQUANS EV Solutions, with the Groundworks Team arriving on site, at the Kettering Premier Inn Hotel.

The project will provide customers of the hotel with a high speed, efficient charging solution.

Watch this space for further updates and other commercial projects, as we continue to build key strategic partnerships in the global campaign to reach #Netzero and Energise the nation’s EV’s.

Energise Energy Solutions provide a full range of workplace solution for SME’s, Fleet and large-scale, nationwide projects.

If your business is thinking about making the switch, get in touch today and let our expert team advise, survey, design and install the appropriate charging solution for your business: [email protected]

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