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Installation included – Zappi is a smart EV charger with a difference. Not only does it operate as a standard EV charger, but it also has optional charging modes to utilise 100% green energy generated from your Solar PV or wind generation.

(If you are unsure whether you need additional non-standard works, click about then FAQs for more info)


Flexible Charging with myenergi Zappi!

Zappi Untethered is an EV charger with a difference as it allows you to select the power supply to come directly from your Solar RV or Wind Generation, allowing your EV to be even greener. If you don’t own solar panels then the Zappi will use power from the grid instead just like any other EV charger.

The untethered Zappi has a universal socket which makes it compatible with every EV.

Choose Between Three Electric Car Charging Modes

Eco – Mixes both green energy and energy from the grid, charging continuously adjusts to minimise the share of power imported from the grid.

Eco + – Charge power is continuously adjusted in response to power consumption elsewhere in your home. Charging will pause if there is too much power being imported from the grid, continuing only when there is surplus free power available.

Fast – In this mode, the vehicle will be charged at maximum power.


Your Charge is Secure with Zappi Untethered

Zappi 7kW untethered is the only charger with built-in PEN technology, meaning no extra costs are involved with your installation. Another built-in feature is a 5 digit pin code which prevents others tampering with your charger without permission.

Pair your Untethered Zappi with the myEnergi Zappi App to access and control your devices from anywhere in the world. You can set timers on the app too to ensure you start charging at times with the lowest rates.


Solar Connectivity Upgrade

As an optional extra, we can install a CT Clamp that will allow you to draw power directly from your solar panels to give you a 100% green charge. Zappi V2.1 is our most popular Solar compatible home EV charger.


Zappi Data Sheet



Introducing 0% Finance

The myenergi Zappi is available on 0% finance with Novuna, giving you flexibility to pay for your EV Charger in a way that suits you.

Additional information

Connection Type

Un-tethered, Un-tethered Solar Compatible


Black, White

Power Rating

Up to 7kW



Installation Type



Height 439 x Width 282 x Depth 122 (mm)



Connector Type


Product Code


Do You Want Solar Integration?

Yes, No

Surge Protection

Yes, No

Key Features

Charge, Warranty, Dimensions (1)


By installing an extra CT clamp (£60 at the time of charger installation), your Zappi will be able to draw 100% of energy required directly from your solar pv or wind generators.

Yes, you can use your zappi EV charger to charge your car without solar. It will simply take power from the grid and charge your car like a conventional electric car charger. With the added benefit of being ready for solar charging if you were to get PV in the future!

Untethered chargers, come without a cable attached and instead, you’d use your own cable, which is often supplied with the EV.

The main advantages with untethered chargers are:

  • Those with Type 1 vehicles would require a special Type 1 to Type 2 cable so would tend to opt for an untethered unit
  • If you required a custom length cable, e.g. needed a 12m cable between the charger and the vehicle. (tethered units come with a 6.5m cable attached)
  • They are aesthetically neater, subject to opinion

Tethered chargers, come with a cable attached to the unit which cannot be detached.

The cable has a Type 2 plug attached which has become the worldwide industry standard and is suitable for all modern EV’s. (excluding a handful of early Type 1 models, hence if you have Type 1 you should choose the untethered unit)

The main advantage with untethered chargers is :

  • Convenience is the biggest benefit for choosing a tethered unit, negating the need to keep unpacking and packing away your detachable lead each time.

Eco –  The eco charge mode is a mixture of both green energy and energy imported from the grid. eco mode minimises the use of grid power, generally taking advantage of cheaper rates overnight, but can also charge using 100% green energy. Essentially giving you the ability to charge up your car for free! The charging power is continuously adjusted in response to changes in generation or power being used elsewhere in the home.

If the surplus generation drops below 1.4kWh some power will be drawn from the grid to top it back up.

Eco+ – eco+ charging is very similar to eco charging in that it can utilise power from the grid or your own power source. However, the charge power is continuously adjusted in response to changes in generation or power consumption elsewhere in the home. Your electric car charging will pause if there is too much-imported power, continuing only when there is surplus free power available.

Fast – In fast mode, your vehicle will be charged at maximum power. This power can come from a renewable energy source or simply from the grid. The cost of charging an electric car also depends on numerous factors including mode and the car itself.

If you don’t have solar panels or wind generation, zappi will charge just like an ordinary Mode 3 charging point.


Set timers

At certain hours ‘time of use energy tariffs’ are significantly cheaper. With zappi, you can use the ‘boost timer’ option to start charging at times with the lowest rates. It’s a cost-saving charging alarm clock for your EV!

No earth rod

zappi is the only EV charger with built-in PEN fault technology. It’s the safest choice for an electric car charger, eliminating the need to install additional earth rods means no extra costs and an easy install.

PV charging

zappi works in harmony with your Solar PV or wind generation, meaning you can charge your car using green energy for free. If you haven’t got a renewable energy source at home, zappi works just like any other charger in ‘fast mode’.

Remote access

The myenergi app allows you to access and control your devices from anywhere in the world! Visual graphs allow you to monitor / export information all in one place.

Pincode protected

A 5 digit PIN code is a security feature integrated into this smart electric car charging point, should you wish to use it. It prevents people from changing your settings or using your Solar EV charger without permission or tampering.

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