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Installation included – Easee One is intelligent and adapts to all electric vehicles, power supplies and mains. No need to think about technical specifications – the Easee One will automatically detect what power the vehicle requires.

Available With Kanda 0% Finance

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Easee One Cheap

Forward-Looking Home EV Charging With Easee!

Easee One is one of the sleekest and most versatile EV chargers on the market. Using smart technology, the charger can detect exactly what power your vehicle requires, and the compact design allows your charger to remain discreet wherever you wish to install it.

Dependent on your vehicle, the 7kW output will charge at a rate of 30 miles of range per hour – giving you plenty of mileage to get where you need to. As this charger is untethered it is compatible with all fully-electric and hybrid vehicles.

Modern Features

You can plan, lock, unlock and monitor all at the touch of a button with the Easee App, available on the App Store and Google Play. The built-in Wifi and 4g capabilities ensure the best possible connection no matter where you are in the world.

All Easee One EV chargers come with a three-year warranty and are future proof as they can share power evenly for up to three units on the same circuit, should your EV household grow.

Pick Your Colour!

We have five colours to choose from and it’s so easy to swap, so if you change cars or paint the house you can have the flexibility to replace it whenever you want. Select any from Black, Red, White, Blue or Anthracite.


Introducing 0% Finance

Easee One is available on 0% finance with Kanda, giving you flexibility to pay for your EV Charger in a way that suits you.

It is really easy to apply, all you have to do is select a deposit rate between 10-50%. The remaining balance is split into monthly payments over the next 10 months. The option to pay in full is available should you wish to use that method.

The finance package covers all aspects of the installation. Including the cabling, labour and EV Charger itself!

If you require any assistance with your EV Charger finance application, please contact us. Either on 0330 094 5101 or use our Live Chat feature below!

Surge Protection

Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are used to protect electrical installations from dangerous overvoltages that could damage electrical equipment connected to the installation such as Computers, Televisions and your EV.

External power surges are most commonly caused by transient overvoltages. These could be caused by a nearby lightning strike, power surges from local industrial estates or general voltage issues from your electricity distributor.

Anything in your home containing sensitive electrical components can be vulnerable, these are found in hundreds of consumer items including your EV and EV Charge point.

Should a surge effect your home and you aren’t protected by an SPD, electronic device’s and circuits could be damaged over time or immediately depending on the severity of the voltage spike.


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Installation Type


Power Rating

Up to 7.4kW

Connection Type



Anthracite, Black, Blue, Red, White


Height 256 x Width 193 x Depth 106 (mm)



Surge Protection?

Yes, No

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