Pod Point Solo 3 Smart – Untethered


Pod Points fast charging Solo 3 Smart Charger is available in a tethered and socketed model. The tethered model comes in both type 1 and type 2 cabled variants.

Available With Kanda 0% Finance

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Pod Point Solo 3 comes with a universal socket, auto power balancing, Wi-Fi, Charging Reports and timers

Super Fast Charging with the Pod Point Solo 3!

The Pod Point Solo 3 Untethered lets you charge at home at a speed 10x faster than a standard three-point pin giving you up to 30 miles of range per hour charging.

Your home’s power supply is also protected as the Solo 3 adjusts your charge so your electric supply doesn’t get overloaded during peak times. As soon as more power becomes available, charging returns to the fastest rate automatically.

Get More With The Pod Point App

Wi-Fi connectivity allows the Solo 3 to receive updates as they are released, meaning you don’t have to spend big on a new charger in future. You can also receive remote diagnostics from the support team in the unlikely event of issues with your charger.

By using the Pod Point App you can manually schedule charging during off-peak hours, which is estimated could save you up to 83% on electricity costs.

The Solo 3 comes with a three-year warranty, over-current and fault protection and a double power relay.



Introducing 0% Finance

Pod Point Solo 3 is available on 0% finance with Kanda, giving you flexibility to pay for your EV Charger in a way that suits you.



How Pod Point Solo 3 Untethered Compares to Our Other EV Chargers

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Pod Point



Connection Type


Installation Type


Power Rating

Up to 7.2kw


Height 238 x Width 89 x Depth 53 (mm)



Surge Protection

Yes, No

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