Preparing for Installation Day


You have chosen your charger, completed the survey, and booked your installation date! Great news. This guide helps you prepare for your installation day and how you can help things run a little more smoothly.

Getting ready for your installers arrival

Clean Work Areas: Ensure all workplaces are free of obstructions so our engineers can work efficiently without needing to move household items.

Be Available: Please be on hand to answer questions, receive explanations, and observe demonstrations from our engineers during their visit.

Parking Access: If possible, allow our engineers to park in your driveway for quick access to the necessary materials ands tools

Working from home: If you work from home, try to avoid long zoom meetings or calls, as our engineers may need to communicate with you during the installation.

Download your Charger App

Before installation day, download the companion app or your charge point. Our engineers will ensure it is paired with your charger and operational on the installation day. Most apps require you to set up and account with a password, so it’s best to complete this setup before our engineer arrives.

The Installation

On installation day, the engineer will arrive with photos and a description of the job. However, they may ask additional questions about the charger placement or confirm that you are still happy with the proposed set up. Occasionally, our engineers might suggest better or neater ways to complete the installation and will discuss ay potential changes with you beforehand.

Upon completing the installation, the engineer will verify that the charge point is working, either by asking you to plug in your vehicle or by using a test unit. Once confirmed it will be time to pir the app with the charge point.

App Pairing and Guidance

After installation, the engineer will pair the chargepoint with its companion app on your smartphone or tablet, enabling you to set up charging schedules and monitor your EV charger. Once the app is paired, the installation is complete.

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